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Post  JJaguar on Tue Dec 11, 2012 8:14 pm

Don't worry, this isn't my character's name this is my character's favorite amusement park. It's also her nickname. And of course, it is a her. Her name is Sumita (which doesn't really fit her nickname). I know you really want to know how she got her nickname. Here it is:

This girl named Sumita went to this amusement park called Hyperbland. When they arrived there her cousins spotted this awesome ride and told her that she had to go on that. However, she refused. They promised her, more like dared her, that they would buy her candy and everything from McDonald's. She agreed. She stuffed herself with all this junk food and went on the ride. When the ride started Sumita felt as if she was going to puke. But the ride stopped midway because a small girl and boy was about to puke on the car seat. Everybody got off the ride and soon got their money back. Every time Sumita goes on the ride, the ride stops midway. She never wanted to go on that ride because she read on this website that this ride was very terrifying. The best part about this was that her cousins were wasting their money on buying her candy and junk food every time they dared her.

Thanks for reading,
Jahnavi or JJaguar


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Re: Hyperbland

Post  Admin on Sat Dec 15, 2012 12:59 pm

Well, this isn't really a character application. It's more like a history. Could you instead include things like, what she likes and dislikes, her personality, etc.? Just look at the first one. It's an example.

(P.S. Sorry for getting to you so late)


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